Teaching Opportunities

IPN has no formal teaching requirement. Many IPN students desire to learn teaching techniques and skills as well as gain experience organizing and delivering lectures.

The IPN program and Georgetown University offers teaching opportunities for graduates. IPN students have taught Experiences in Neuroscience Course and Topics in Neuroscience Diseases, Research, and Treatment Course.

NSCI 9200: Teaching Practicum I

In NSCI 9200: Teaching Practicum I, IPN students prepare and deliver lectures for courses. Along with the lecture preparation, reflection on teaching strategies and pedagogy is required.

NSCI 8001: Experiences in Neuroscience

The Experiences in Neuroscience Course, also known as the summer course, is a six-week review of the material incoming students are expected to be familiar with upon entrance to the IPN. Incoming students can identify areas of weakness which need to be bolstered over the course of the first year.

Senior IPN students organize, direct, and teach this course to incoming, first-year IPN students in the summer. The course provides an excellent opportunity for senior students to gain teaching experience in a low-pressure atmosphere.

Teaching Assistant 

There are a variety of neuroscience-related courses offered in the Biology, Psychology, and Physics departments. Our students have served as teaching assistants in courses in all of these departments. Interested students are encouraged to browse course offerings and contact faculty members.

Apprenticeship in Teaching Program

The Center for New Designs in Learning & Scholarship (CNDLS) at Georgetown University has organized a program to allow a certificate in teaching that is noted on your final transcript. Via a series of workshops and involvement in authentic teaching tasks, skills required for effective teaching are acquired.