Student Seminar Schedule

Monday at Noon in NE 401 Medical Dental Building
What happens at the Student Seminar?

2022-2023 Academic Year

September 12, 2022
Speaker: George Melchor

September 19, 2022
Speaker: Karli Gilbert

September 26, 2022
Speaker: Plamen Nikolov

October 3, 2022
Speaker: Daniel Chapman

October 11, 2022
Speaker: Alison Schug

October 24, 2022
Speaker: Phil Gross

October 31, 2022
Speaker: Tahi Khan

November 7, 2022
Speaker: Ismary Blanco

November 21, 2022
Speaker: Tyler Ketchabaw

November 28, 2022
Rotation Students: Briana, Helena, Iria, Peyton, Natalya

December 5, 2022
Rotation Students: Nicole, Daisy, Korliss, Anna, Pauline, Arvin

December 12, 2022
Speaker: Lillian Chang

December 19, 2022
Speaker: Adam Kaminski

January 9, 2023
Speaker: Neke Nsor

January 23, 2023
Speaker: Devin Palmer

January 30, 2023
Speaker: Max Stevenson

February 6, 2023
Speaker: Andrew Wodrich

February 13, 2023
Speaker: Flo Martinez

February 27, 2023
Speaker: Madeline Marcelle

March 6, 2023
Speaker: David Saxon

March 13, 2023
Speaker: Christy Agbey

March 20, 2023
Speaker: Danna Cunningham

March 27, 2023
Speaker: Sara Dyslin

April 3, 2023
Speaker: Carolyn Gershman

April 10, 2023
Speaker: Richard Klein

April 17, 2023
Speaker: Michel Fallah

April 24, 2023
Speaker: Nancy Luo

May 1, 2023
Speaker: Noah Steinberg

May 8, 2023
Speaker: Mia Coutinho

May 15, 2023
Speaker: Mateo Nelson

May 22, 2023
Speaker: Candace Van der Steit

May 31, 2023
Speaker: Spencer Waters

June 5, 2023
Speaker: Naama Zur

June 12, 2023
Speaker: Melanie Belcher

June 20, 2023
Speaker: Zac Colon

June 26, 2023
Speaker: Lara Stefansson

July 10, 2023
Rotation students: Nicole, Arvin, Briana, Daisy, Korliss, Helena, Iria, Anna, Peyton, Natalya, Pauline, Gina, Philip, Alex

August 30, 2021
Rotation Students: Lara, Zac, Noah, Michel, Nancy

September 13, 2021
Rotation Students: Matteo, Mia, Melanie, Candace, Spencer, Naama

October 4, 2021
Speaker: Holly Korthas

October 18, 2021
Speaker: Kelly Martin

October 25, 2021
Speaker: George Melchor

November 1, 2021
Speaker: Andrew Speidell

November 8, 2021
Speaker: Hannah Waguespack

November 15, 2021
Speaker: Jessica Jacobs

November 22, 2021
Speaker: Josh McCall

November 29, 2021
Speaker: Phil Gross

December 6, 2021
Speaker: Danielle Morency

December 13, 2021
Rotation Students: Melanie, Zac, Mia, Matteo

December 20, 2021
Rotation Students: Lara, Candace, Spencer, Naama

January 10, 2022
Speaker: Tahi Khan

January 24, 2022
Speaker: Plamen Nikolov

January 31, 2022
Speaker: Alison Schug

February 7, 2022
Speaker: Karli Gilbert

February 14, 2022
Speaker: Ismary Blanco

February 28, 2022
Speaker: Tyler Ketchabaw

March 7, 2022
Speaker: Daniel Chapman

March 14, 2022
Speaker: Lillian Chang

March 21, 2022
Speaker: Adam Kaminski

March 28, 2022
Speaker: Neke Nsor

April 4, 2022
Speaker: Devin Palmer

April 11, 2022
Speaker: Max Stevenson

April 18, 2022
Speaker: Andrew Wodrich

April 25, 2022
Speaker: Christy Agbey

May 2, 2022
Speaker: Danna Cunningham

May 9, 2022
Speaker: Sara Dyslin

May 16, 2022
Speaker: Carolyn Gersham

May 23, 2022
Speaker: Flo Martinez

June 6, 2022
Speaker: Richard Klein

June 13, 2022
Speaker: Madeline Marcelle

June 20, 2022
Speaker: Dave Saxon

June 27, 2022
Speaker: Marissa Laws

Week of July 4, 2022
Rotation Students: Melanie, Zac, Mia, Matteo, Lara, Candace, Spencer, Naama, Matthew Amontree, David McFall

What happens at the Student Seminar?

The Student Seminar is a presentation of the work a student has done in their rotations or thesis research. A 10- to 15-minute talk is given to the IPN after every rotation and a 45-minute seminar is given once a year thereafter on the student’s thesis research. This series of talks provides students the opportunity to learn the elements of preparing and presenting a seminar.

Post-Rotation Student Seminars

Following each of the rotations, students present a short (10- to 15-minute) talk that summarizes the goal(s) of the research rotation and presents any data acquired. While these talks should be thoughtfully prepared, they are not meant to be the equivalent of regular seminars given by more advanced students.

Most, if not all, of the talk, can be focused around the goals of the rotation, the significance, rationale for these goals, and the experimental approaches used to begin to achieve these goals. There is no expectation that substantial new data will be generated during the rotation. If new data have been generated, the presentation of these data will be most welcome (but not required!). A rough guide for a 10- to 15-minute talk might be to present 3-9 slides (slides template).

Thesis Student Seminars

In their annual Student Seminar, students are expected to present their thesis research to the program. This talk should be roughly 45 minutes and give an outline of their project, including background, rationale, methods, data collected so far, conclusions, and future directions. We also ask students to highlight scientific rigor in all presentations.  This seminar series gives students the opportunity to learn the elements of preparing and presenting a seminar and the program the opportunity to keep up to date on research being performed in the IPN.

Recommended organization of talks.