M.D./Ph.D. Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience

About the Program

The M.D./Ph.D. Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience requires students to complete 19 credits in core neuroscience courses, compared to the 34 credits required for Ph.D. students. The remaining credits will be absorbed from medical coursework.

The requirement for 11 electives and the following courses are waived for M.D./Ph.D. students: NSCI 5008: Organization of the Nervous System (for Medical School Neuroscience) and NSCI 5004: Neurobiology of Disease (for Medical School Neuroscience). Students may elect to take electives if they wish.

M.D./Ph.D. Course Schedule

MD/PhD Timeline showing MD Years and PhD Years on an overall timeline. Year 1 and half of Year 2 are MD Years (Medical Coursework); the second half of Year 2 through the first half of Year 6 are PhD Years (PhD Program Coursework and Thesis Research); and the second half of Year 6 through Year 8 are MD Years (Clinical Rotations and 4th Year Activities)

After M1

Summer 0

Course NameCredit(s)
NSCI 9985: NSCI Lab Rotation – Summer0 (Pass/Fail)
0 Credits

Fall 0

MD/PhD students enrolled in School of Medicine (SOM) for M2.

Spring 0

M.D./Ph.D. students will be officially enrolled in graduate school. However, they are not expected to actually begin their rotation until they have taken the USMLE STEP I board exam. M.D./Ph.D. students are required to take STEP I by the same deadline as students in the regular M.D. program.

Course NameCredit(s)
NSCI 9986: NSCI Lab Rotation – Spring0 (Pass/Fail)
0 Credits

Year 1 of Ph.D.

Summer 1

Course NameCredit(s)
NSCI 8001: Experiences in Neuroscience0
NSCI 9986: NSCI Lab Rotation – Summer0 (Pass/Fail)
0 Credits

Fall 1

Course NameCredit(s)
NSCI 5002: Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience6
NSCI 5001: Neuroscience Survey I2
NSCI 5003: Critical Readings I1
NSCI 5009: Practical Data Analysis & Experimental Design2
NSCI 9999-03: Thesis Research (section 3)0
11 Credits

Spring 1

Course NameCredit(s)
NSCI 5005: Systems & Cognitive Neuroscience5
NSCI 5003: Neuroscience Critical Readings1
NSCI 5007: Survey Skills & Ethics for Science2
NSCI 9999-03: Thesis Research (section 3)0
8 Credits

Year 2 of Ph.D.

Summer 2

Course NameCredit(s)
NSCI 9999-61: Thesis Research 0 (Pass/Fail)
0 Credits

Fall 2

Course NameCredit(s)
NSCI 9999-01: Thesis Research
After Fall 2, you will be automatically registered for Thesis Research (NSCI 9999-01) courses.
0 (Pass/Fail)
0 Credits

Years 2-4 of Ph.D.