External Fellowship & Award Recipients

NRSA Fellowships

Daniel ChapmanInterrogating synaptic mechanisms underlying contextual fear conditioning amnesia in rodent model of highly repetitive mild traumatic brain injury
Joshua McCallInvestigating the Neurocognitive Mechanisms of Error Monitoring in Aphasia
Joseph PosnerReading Network Functional Pathways and How They Account for Alexic Variation
Katherine O’ConnellEvaluating the impact of a social meditation training on acute pain experience
Andrew SpeidellInvestigation of Basal Forebrain Degeneration in HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorder
Vivian (Jonathan) Dickens  Mapping the Neurocognitive architecture of reading
Patrick Malone  Investigating the neural mechanisms of vibrotactile speech perception
Valerie Darcey  Influence of Omega-3 Intake on the Neural Bases of Adolescent Alcohol Initiation
Amanda DiBattista  Effect of ibuprofen and Alzheimer’s risk genotype, APOE, on brain structure and function in mice
Carissa Winland  Neuroinflammatory effects on striatal Ca2+-permeable AMPA and kainate receptors
Mackenzie Fama  Using self-reported inner speech to guide treatment for anomia
Frank Fishburn  Neural basis of working memory and inhibitory control in ASD children using NIRS
Gustavo Rodriguez  Effects of APOE on neuronal network dynamics using multi-electrode arrays
Summer Rozzi  Mechanisms of Tat neurotoxicity: The role of mitochondria
William Hayward  Investigating subjective experience of inner speech in aphasia
Bridget Queenan  Homeostatic regulation of mossy fiber-CA3 synapses in mature hippocampal gain control
Sonya Dumanis  The Effects of APOE on Neuronal Networks
Rachel Wurzman  A role for ephrins-A2, -A3, & -A5 in excitatory synaptic development and function in the striatum
Lauren Orefice  The role of local BDNF synthesis in spine morphogenesis
Evan Gordon  Effect of COMT genotype on functional organization during working memory and rest
Elizabeth West  The role of the orbitofrontal cortex in goal-directed behavior
Monika Mellem  Brain oscillatory dynamics in lexical-semantic processing
Patrick Forcelli  Striatal sequelae of perinatal anticonvulsant drug treatment
Emily Waterhouse  The effect of SNPS in the Human BDNF 3’UTR on Energy Homeostasis
Danielle Evers  Regulation of NSF and AMPA receptor by serum inducible kinase
Sakura Minami  The role of Fyn in the pathogenic processes of Alzheimer’s disease
Jeremy Purcell  An fMRI study of the neural substrates underlying both reading and spelling
Filip Vanevski  Regulation of Local BDNF Synthesis in Dendrites
Kristen Ade  Inhibitory Control of Medium Spiny Neurons
Ericka Burgos-Ruiz  Interaction of Attention and Emotion in Childhood ADHD
Laura Cocas  Genetic Interactions at the Cortical Striatal Border
Laurie Glezer  Investigating the neural code for single-word reading
Angela Holmes  The Control of Nonhuman Primate Motor and Emotional Behavior
Elizabeth Lacey  Factors Affecting Maintenance of New Learning in Aphasia
Amber Leaver  Functional neuroanatomy of auditory object perception
Robert Naumann  Neural Encoding of Communication Sounds in the Amygdala
Casandra Cartagena  Cyp46 regulation of cholesterol efflux and ABeta
Alexis Jeannotte  Alpha- & Gamma-Synuclein Modulation of the NET After Anti- depressants
Sunbin Song  Time of Day and Aging in Implicit/Explicit Learning
Judith Lytle  Functional Characteristics of NGPCs After SCI
Jill Weisberg  fMRI Studies of the Visual System in Deaf Individuals
Samantha Crowe  Excitotoxic Injury: A Role for DNA Repair
Maureen Cruz  Vago-vagal Reflexes: Role of CNS GABAB Receptors
Stuart Washington  Hemispheric Lateralization for Audiovocal Communication
Rachel Nosheny  Gp120-Mediated Cell Death in the Basal Ganglia
Sean Rogers  Semantic Loss in Alzheimer’s and Semantic Dementia
Laurie Wellman  The amygdala’s role in socioemotional behavior
Peter Turkeltaub  fMRI Studies of Cognitive Skill Acquisition in Children
Helen Yankovich  Aging and Implicit Learning of Dynamic Systems
Laila Zai  Cell Proliferation after Contusive Spinal Cord Injury
Selamawit Negash  Predoctoral Fellowship Program
Kimberly Ballard  Interactions of Opioids and Cytokines in a Stress Model
Rachelle Toman  Sphingosine 1 Phosphate Receptor and Neurite Retraction
Brandon Zielinski  Auditory-visual integration in speech perception
John Agnew  fMRI studies of motor skills in dyslexia
Cherie Marvel  Implicit learning of covariation in schizophrenia
Karin Japikse  Predoctoral Fellowship Program
Penelope Kuhn  Predoctoral Fellowship Program


2021Shiva Hassanzadeh-BehbahaniElucidating the role of frontostriatal neural circuits in HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders
2019Sikoya AshburnThe cerebellum’s involvement in reading and math disabilities
2018Kaela SingletonMismatched SOX: Differential function of SOX11 in neural development

NSF Fellowships

2021Carolyn GershmanCognitive Neuroscience
2019 Marissa LawsInfluences of socioeconomic status on gray matter volume and response to intervention in children with math and/or reading disability
2015 Kelly MichaelisInvestigating the neural mechanisms of temporal binding during multisensory integration
2014 Vivianne GreenwoodNovel mechanism for exosome-mediated communication between neurons and oligodendrocytes
2013 Erika RavenIron and Adolescents: Do peripheral and brain iron concentrations impact cognition in early adolescents?
2013 Scott MilesThe neural basis for proficiency in music performance as compared to proficiency in second language acquisition: A simultaneous fMRI/ERP study.
2012 Laura EricksonAudiovisual Integration training and the McGurk Effect
2010 Justyna MachReading and the bilingual brain: Does the age of second language acquisition affect the extent of neural substrate overlap?
2009 Sonya DumanisOverlap between the brain and the immune system: Understanding Alpha-synuclein’s role in Peripheral Immune Cells
2008 Clara SchollHow seeing becomes achieving: What are the neural mechanisms underlying practice-induced changes in performance of a visual categorization task?
2003 Robin Wood 
2002 Laura Gehl 

Other Fellowships

2020-22Alison SchugGHUCCTS TL1 Scholar – Neuroanatomical Effects of Bilingualism on Dyslexia
2020-21Max StevensonT32
2019Shady El DamatyMistletoe Foundation Research Fellowship
2016Erika RavenMarshall Scholarship
2016Shady El DamatyNIJ Graduate Research Fellowship in STEM
2015Mackenzie FamaAmerican Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation – New Century Scholars Doctoral Scholarship
2015Valerie DarceyAcademy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation – Commission on Dietetic Registration Diversity Scholarship
2015Rachael HarringtonAmerican Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship – Noninvasive Stimulation of Intact Premotor Cortex Enhances Reaching Ability in Severely Impaired Patients after Stroke
2015Scott MilesCOSMOS Fellowship – The neurocognition of learning a new musical system
2013Frank FishburnAutism Speaks Weatherstone Predoctoral Fellowship – Functional Connectivity during Working Memory in Children with ASD: A NIRS Study
2013Sonya DumanisCOSMOS Fellowship – Glutamine- A Potential New Biomarker for Alzheimer’s Disease Risk
2012Patricia WashingtonCOSMOS Fellowship – Reversing ApoE Genotype-Specific
Susceptibility to Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology after Traumatic Brain Injury
2011Patrick ForcelliCOSMOS Fellowship – Optogenetic Control of Seizures
2010Lauren UllrichCOSMOS Fellowship – Recognition memory in mild cognitive
2009Patricia WashingtonCOSMOS Fellowship – A novel autoimmune response following
traumatic brain injury
2009Patrick ForcelliEpilepsy Society Fellowship
2008Scott PaluszkiewiczCanadian MRC Fellowship

Dr. Zofia Zukowska Awards: Excellence In Thesis Research (Georgetown University Medical Center)

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2018Patrick Malone | Zukowska Award Recipient
2017Mackenzie Fama | Zukowska Award Recipient
2016Summer Rozzi | Zukowska Award Recipient
2015Amanda DiBattista| Zukowska Award Recipient
2014Laura Erickson | Zukowska Award Recipient
2013Evan Gordon | Zukowska Award Recipient