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Dream Big – Run Washington, featuring alumna Teal Burrell’s path to qualifying for the Olympic Trials, p. 39 

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The women behind OSTP – FCW.com, featuring alumna Danielle Carnival (née Evers)  

Article in Medical Education Online describing the IPN and its key to success: From student to steward: the Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience at Georgetown University as a case study in professional development during doctoral training.   Med Ed Online 19:22623, 2014

Georgetown Student Attends Annual Meeting of Nobel Laureates – GUMC 

A blood test that can predict Alzheimer’s – Indian Express 

Study Suggests Dyslexia Not Actually Caused By Gray Matter Differences – Huffington Post

A Cancer Drug May Help Treat Alzheimer’s And Other Forms Of Dementia – Forbes.com

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Articles by IPN students:

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Articles by Joe Queenan, about his daughter Bridget, an IPN alumna:

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