Course Schedule

The following is an example of the IPN course schedule. Students typically complete the program in 5 years. Students are expected to attend the Seminar and Journal Club and the Student Seminar Series during the Fall and Spring semesters. Students have the flexibility to tailor the training towards their interests.

Year 1

Summer 1

Course NameCredit(s)
NSCI 801: Experiences in Neuroscience0 (Pass/Fail)
NSCI 985: Summer RotationĀ 0 (Pass/Fail)
Total 0 Credits

Additional Checklist

  • Attend the mandatory IPN and Biomedical Graduate Orientation
  • Register for Fall Courses and 2nd Rotation

Fall 1

Course NameCredit(s)
NSCI 501: Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience6
NSCI 505: Neuroscience Survey I2
NSCI 507: Neuroscience Critical Readings1
NSCI 533: Neurobiology of Disease2
NSCI 986: Fall Rotation0 (Pass/Fail)
Total 11 Credits

Additional Checklist

  • Send a Post-Rotation report to the head of the SAC for 1st rotation
  • Give Student Seminar Series talk at Fall Retreat
  • Register for Spring Courses and 3rd Rotation

Spring 1

Course NameCredit(s)
NSCI 503: Systems & Cognitive Neuroscience6
NSCI 517: Neuroscience Critical Readings1
NSCI 532: Survey Skills & Ethics for Science2
NSCI 543: Organization of the Nervous System2
NSCI 987: Spring Rotation0 (Pass/Fail)
Total 11 Credits

Additional Checklist

  • Send a Post-Rotation report to the head of the SAC for 2nd rotation
  • Give Student Seminar Series talk about 2nd Rotation
  • Register for Fall 2 Electives
  • Decide on taking the 4th Rotation or choosing a thesis lab
  • Take the Written Comprehensive Exam before the end of Year 1

Year 2

Summer 2

  • Send a Post-Rotation report to the head of the SAC for 3rd Rotation
  • Give Student Seminar Series for 3rd Rotation in the Summer
  • Begin writing a grant proposal (i.e., NRSA, foundation)

Fall 2

Course NameCredit(s)
NSCI 599: Experimental Design and Statistics1.5
NSCI 999-03: Thesis Research
If sign up for fewer than 9 credits per semester, you must sign up for NSCI 999-03 for 0 credits. This course tells the Registrar that, although you signed up for less than 9 credits (which normally signifies you are a part-time student), you are full-time.
Total 1.5 Credits

Additional Checklist

  • Complete 10.5 credits of Electives
  • Begin thesis research

Spring 2

  • Continue taking any electives [register for NSCI-999-03 if taking electives but less than 9 total credits to maintain full-time status]
  • Continue thesis research [register for NSCI-999-01; if not taking any electives and are only in research]
  • Choose Oral Committee and schedule Oral Exam

Year 3

  • Full-time Thesis Research [register for NSCI-999-01]
  • Organize thesis committee and get SAC Approval by August
  • Give Annual Student Seminar TalkĀ 
  • Set up the 1st meeting with the thesis committee and bring the completed GSAS Thesis Proposal form for approval

Year 4 & 5

  • Full-time Thesis Research
  • Meeting with the thesis committee
  • Expect to submit your first manuscript before the end of your 4th year
  • Completion of Degree