Coursework is completed in the first two years of the program.

In the first year, all students take the same required core courses, which provide a grounding in Neuroscience.

Summer Fall Spring
NeuroFest IPN Core Course - MWF 10-12 IPN Core Course - MWF 10-12
Bootcamp Critical Readings - W 9-10 Critical Readings - W 9-10
Summer Course
  • Neurobiology of Disease
  • Survey of Neuroscience  
  • Org. of the Nervous System II
  • Skills and Ethics 
  • Org. of the Nervous System II

In the second year, additional course work is chosen from the list of approved elective courses (permission to take other graduate-level courses can be obtained from the chair of the Curriculum Committee). Although specific courses are not required, it is expected that all students will have an understanding of disciplines related to neuroscience such as biochemistry, cell biology, histology, immunology, molecular biology, pharmacology, physiology and statistics. Students are encouraged to supplement their previous knowledge with additional courses in some of these areas as appropriate. In addition, it is expected that students will obtain more detailed knowledge in several areas of neurobiology.