Who Applies?

Successful applicants to the IPN have demonstrated a commitment to a career in research through several years of undergraduate or post-baccalaureate research experience. They have usually completed a bachelor's degree in a physical or life science. The most common degrees are Biology, Psychology, or some combination of the two; other common degrees are Neuroscience, Physics, Biochemistry, and Biomedical Engineering. Candidates holding other degrees (in the social sciences or humanities) who demonstrate strong research experience have also been successful.

If an applicant has taken the GRE exam on multiple occasions, we consider the best GRE subtest scores from different exams. We highly encourage applicants to retake the exam if they believe that they can improve their scores by doing so.

When evaluating the applicant, we consider multiple aspects of the application in aggregate. These include research experience and any publications, academic record, GRE scores, letters of recommendation, and interviews with faculty members of the program.

If you have questions about the competitiveness of your application, please contact Bill Rebeck, Director of the IPN, with the above information.