Summer Opportunities

Opportunities for a Fourth Rotation

During the second summer, students can opt to do a fourth rotation, either inside or outside of Georgetown. Students can go to another lab to learn new techniques to help with future research in their thesis lab or to learn something completely new just for the sake of the experience.

In the past, students have traveled as far as Australia, Italy, Japan, Germany, San Diego, and San Fransisco. As part of the Training Partnerships, an International Research Training Group (IRTG) exists between several neuroscience labs in Munich, Germany and at Georgetown University that can support research projects of IPN students during summer rotations. For students who want to learn a new technique, but stay close to home, the NIH can serve as another location.

If you're interested in studying away from Georgetown, follow these steps:

  1. Search around university/NIH websites for labratories you are interested in rotating in. This step can also include talking to other students who did a rotation abroad about their experiences.
  2. Contact a researcher late winter/early spring.
  3. Talk to the Program Director about your plans.
Summer Research Training Opportunities

The NIH offers a summer Clinical and Translational Research Course for Ph.D. Students. This is a two-week intensive introductory course that aims to demonstrate the role of PhD scientists in clinical and translational research, provide an overview and examples of how basic science and clinical observations lead to translational research, and increase awareness and access to Ph.D. role models, research resources, and potential career opportunities at the NIH.

Summer institutes, offered by universities across the country, can also provide valuable training experience.