How Are Decisions Made?

All applications for admission are reviewed individually, and admission to the program is on a competitive basis. Students are selected on the basis of academic records, recommendations, research experience and publications, and interviews with faculty members of the program.

Is My Application Competitive?

Check out the Who applies? page and read the bios of students who have matriculated in the past. This page and connecting pages illustrate the research backgrounds and interests of students before they entered the IPN. If you are worried about the competitiveness of your application, please contact the Director of the IPN, to discuss it.

Should I apply to a Psychology or Neuroscience Program?

Students who have majored in Psychology and are not certain whether they should get a Ph.D. in Neuroscience or Psychology should consider the Lifespan Cognitive Neuroscience (LCN) Graduate Program in the Psychology Department. Of particular use may be the Psychology Department’s FAQ. A detailed comparison of the LCN and IPN may be found here.

Do You Offer Advanced Admissions?

For all applicants there is one deadline to submit applications. However, if an accepted applicant wishes to defer admission for one year, that likely can be arranged during the Spring interviews.

How Many Students Are Accepted Each Year?

Usually eight to ten students are in each entering class.

Does the IPN Offer a Master’s Degree?

The IPN does not have a Master’s Degree program; only students intending to complete the Ph.D. program of study should apply. Ph.D. students may, however, apply for and receive a Masters in Passing upon completion of the necessary requirements (contact the chair of the Student Advisory Committee for specifics).