Neurolunch Schedule

Neurolunch Schedule for 2016-2017. 
Mondays at Noon in NE401 Med/Dent

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Sept 19th

Scott Miles, Graduate Student, Thesis    
"The neural substrates underlying the learning of music and the learning of language"

Sept 26th

Kathryn Schuler, Graduate Student, Thesis    
"The Acquisition of Rules and Categories in Language"

Oct 3rd

Summer Rozzi, Graduate Student, Thesis   
"Investigating mitochondrial dynamic impairment by HIV viral protein Tat and the protective capacity of Pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide (PACAP)"

Oct 10th

Columbus Day

October 14th
IPN Retreat
Prince William Forest

Rotation Talks
Kathleen Ammerman
Kevin Cook
Srikanth Damera
Alan Fowler
Nahdia Jones
Mondona McCann
Lauren Rosko

October 14th
IPN Retreat
Prince William Forest

Rotation Posters

Oct 17th

Erika Raven, Graduate Student, Thesis   
"Investigation of in vivo brain iron, myelination and cognition in early adolescent development"

Oct 24th

Theodore Turesky, Graduate Student, Thesis   
"Functional neuroanatomy of motor control in the developing and aging brain"

Oct 31st

Mackenzie Fama, Graduate Student, Thesis    
"Self-reported inner speech in aphasia: Behavioral relationships and neural correlates"

Nov 7th

Benson Stevens, Graduate Student, Thesis    
"The GABA alpha-2 subunit gene and adolescent impulsivity, risk taking and risk for alcohol misuse"

Nov 14th

Society for Neuroscience meeting

Nov 21st

Shady El-Damaty, Graduate Student, Thesis   
"Methods Development for Predicting Adverse Outcomes in Adolescence"

Nov 28th

Brittany Aguilar,  Graduate Student, Thesis  
"Investigating contributions of intermediate and deep layers of superior colliculus to defensive and emotional behaviors"

Dec 5th

Chinyere Agbaegbu, Graduate Student, Thesis   
"Elucidating the role of Plasticity-Related Gene protein-3 in CNS plasticity"

Dec 12th

Lanier Heyburn, Graduate Student, Thesis   
"TDP-43 pathology: a mouse model and treatment with tyrosine kinase inhibition"

Note: Stephanie Davis's neurolunch (originally scheduled for 12/12) will be rescheduled for a later date.

Dec 19th

Lorenzo Bozzelli, Graduate Student, Thesis
"Matrix metalloproteinase-mediated mislocalization of aquaporin-4 and impaired metabolite clearance in HIV"

Dec 26th

Christmas Holiday

Jan 2nd

New Year Holiday

Jan 9th

Rotation Talks
Lauren Rosko
Mondona McCann
Alan Fowler

Jan 16th

Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

Jan 23rd Rotation Talks
Nahdia Jones
Kevin Cook

Kathleen Ammerman

Jan 30th

Edith Brignoni-Pérez, Graduate Student, Thesis
"The Neurobiological Bases of Word processing in the Adult Bilingual Brain"

Feb 6th

Catherine Elorette, Graduate Student, Thesis   
"Mapping Out A Subcortical Threat Processing Pathway: Evidence From Behavioral And Anatomical Studies"

Feb 13th

Kelly Michaelis, Graduate Student, Thesis   
"Using EEG And TMS To Study The Neural Mechanism Of Speech Perception"

Feb 20th

Presidents Day

Feb 27th

Sikoya Ashburn, Graduate Student, Thesis   
"The Cerebellum's Involvement In Reading"

Mar 6th

Kaela Singleton, Graduate Student, Thesis   
"Matching Your Sox: Cross Species Regulation and Function Of Sox 11 in Neural Development"

Mar 13th

Vivianne Morrison, Graduate Student, Thesis   
"Exploring the effects of retinoic acid on oligodendrocytes and the post-natal brain"

Mar 20th

Alberto Sepulveda-Rodriguez, Graduate Student, Thesis   
"Causes and consequences of Status Epilepticus-induced microglial activation"

Mar 27th

Gabrielle-Ann Torre, Graduate Student, Thesis   
"The Modulatory Roles of IQ and SES on Brain Structures and Reading Abilities"

Apr 3rd

Nathanael Lee, Graduate Student, Pre-Thesis

Apr 10th

Patrick Malone, Graduate Student, Pre-Thesis

Apr 17th

Jeremiah Paskus, Graduate Student, Thesis   
"Neuroligins: Synapses to Glia"

Apr 24th

Hassan Aleem, Graduate Student, Pre-Thesis

May 1st

Adam Caccavano, Graduate Student, Pre-Thesis

May 8th

Homero Cantu, Graduate Student, Pre-Thesis

May 15th

Breana Downey, Graduate Student, Pre-Thesis

May 22nd

Stephanie Sloley, Graduate Student, Pre-Thesis

May 29th

Memorial Day Holiday

June 5th

Katherine O'Connell, Graduate Student, Pre-Thesis

June 12th

Nelson Jaimes, Graduate Student, Pre-Thesis

June 19th

Cameron McKay, Graduate Student, Pre-Thesis

July 11th 
Tuesday from 12:30-2:00 pm

Spring 2017 Rotation Talks
Kevin Cook
Alan Fowler 
Nahdia Jones
Mondona McCann
Lauren Rosko