Student Seminar Schedule

2018 - 2019 Schedule

Friday at Noon in NE 401 Medical Dental Building
What happens at Student Seminar?


Date Presenter(s) Mentor(s)
9/7 First Year Students Poster Presentations (9)  
9/14 Shady El Damaty Dr. John VanMeter
9/21 Catherine Elorette Dr. Ludise Malkova & Dr. Patrick Forcelli
9/28 Sikoya Ashburn Dr. Guinevere Eden


Date Presenter(s) Mentor(s)
10/5 IPN Retreat  
10/12 Lorenzo Bozzelli Dr. Katherine Conant
10/19 Kelly Michaelis Dr. Peter Turkeltaub & Dr. Andrei Medvedev
10/26 Kaela Singleton Dr. Maria Donoghue & Dr. Elena Silva


Date Presenter(s) Mentor(s)
11/2 Homero Cantu Dr. Thomas Coate
11/9 Hassan Aleem Dr. Norberto Grzywacz
11/16 Gabrielle-Ann Torre Dr. Guinevere Eden
11/23 University Holiday  
11/30 Jeremiah Paskus Dr. Jeffrey Huang and Dr. Katherine Roche (NIH)


Date Seminar Title & Presenter(s) Mentor(s)
12/7 “Electroconvulsive Shock-induced ‘Activation’ Of Microglia In Mouse Hippocampus”
Alberto Sepulveda Rodriguez
Dr. Stefano Vicini
12/14 “Hippocampal Micro-Circuitry Disruption In Early Amyloid Pathology”
Adam Caccavano
Dr. Stefano Vicini
12/21 “The Effect Of Bilingualism On The Brain Bases Of English Word Reading In Adults”
Edith Brignoni-Perez
Dr. Guinevere Eden
12/28 University Holiday  


Date Presenter(s) Mentor(s)
1/4 Rotation Talks
Phillip Gross, Tahiyana Khan, Marissa Laws, Joshua McCall
1/11 Rotation Talks
Danielle Morency, Plamen Nikolov, Alison Schug, Karli Wense
1/18 Breana Downey Dr. Guinevere Eden
1/25 Cameron McKay Dr. Guinevere Eden


Date Presenter(s) Mentor(s)
2/1 Katherine O'Connell Dr. Abigail Marsh
2/8 Stephanie Sloley Dr. Mark Burns
2/15 Kevin Cook Dr. Chandan Vaidya
2/22 Srikanth Damera Dr. Maximilian Riesenhuber


Date Presenter(s) Mentor(s)
3/1 Nahdia Jones Dr. G. William Rebeck
3/8 Alan Fowler Dr. Charbel Mousa
3/15 Mondona McCann Dr. Kathleen Maguire-Zeiss
3/22 Lauren Rosko Dr. Jeffrey Huang
3/29 Vivian Dickens Dr. Peter Turkeltaub & Dr. Rhonda Friedman


Date Presenter(s) Mentor(s)
4/5 Shiva Hassanzadeh Dr. Xiong Jiang
4/12 Jessica Jacobs Dr. Josef Rauschecker
4/19 University Holiday  
4/26 Holly Korthas Dr. Mark Burns


Date Presenter(s) Mentor(s)
5/3 Kelly Martin Dr. Peter Turkeltaub
5/10 George Melchor Dr. Jeffrey Huang
5/17 Joey Posner Dr. Rhonda Friedman & Dr. Peter Turkeltaub
5/24 Laya Rajan Dr. Chandan Vaidya
5/31 Andrew Speidell Dr. Italo Mocchetti


Date Presenter(s) Mentor(s)
6/7 Hannah Waguespack Dr. Ludise Malkova and Dr. Patrick Forcelli


Date Presenter(s) Mentor(s)
7/12 Ismary Blanco, Phillip Gross, Tahiyana Khan, Marissa Laws, Danielle Morency, Plamen Nikolov, Alison Schug, Karli Wense