Journal Clubs

There are several Journal Clubs available to members of the IPN.  If you are interested in one or more of these topics, ask to be put on the mailing list.

Neural Injury and Plasticity Journal Club

This Journal Club is associated with the NIP Training grant. Students and faculty present papers related to neural injury and plasticity, including articles on brain and spinal cord injury, Alzheimer's disease, Huntington's disease, and Parkinson's disease. It meets Fridays at noon during the school year. Organizer: Mark Burns.

Cognitive Science Journal Club 

This journal club is a spring semester weekly meeting in which students and faculty in the concentration present their research or jointly read recent articles of importance.

Functional and Anatomical Neuroimaging Group (FANG)

This student-run journal club meets at 1pm on Fridays to discuss papers related to neuroimaging, with a focus on Cognitive Neuroscience. Organizer: Kathryn Schuler.

Neural Dynamics

This student-run journal club meets at 12pm on Wednesdays to discuss papers related to investigating the spatiotemporal neural code, across many areas of neuroscience. Organizer: Adam Caccavano.

Seminar Journal Club

First and second year students are required to attend journal clubs with vistiting speakers for the Tuesday IPN Seminar Series. Senior students are also welcome.

Spine Group Journal Club

The Georgetown Spine Group is a journal club that meets monthly to discuss techniques, experimental design, and literature related to the study of dendritic spines. Discussions include the presentation of recent journal articles, a lab's own recent data, or technical challenges regarding this type of research. We meet on the 3rd Monday of every month in the Neuroscience conference room. Organizer: Bridget Queenan

Ion Channels Journal Club

Many researchers at Georgetown study ligand-gated and voltage-gated ion channels, their structure, function and regulation. We meet on Mondays at noon in the Pharmacology Library. Organizers: Tina Brelidze and Gerard Ahern

Lab Journal Clubs

Certain labs hold their own journal clubs but welcome non-lab members. Ask around if there is a topic you are particularly interested in.

For example, Jarda Wroblewski holds a journal club each Thursday noon in SW407. The topic is G protein coupled receptors. Homemade soup is always served.