IPN Career Development Initiative

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Launched in 2014, the purpose of this student-driven initiative is to provide funding for career development including an IPN Training Award and activities to promote Alumni Engagement.


Please see application eligibility requirements and submission guidelines in documents below. Applications will be accepted until 4/4/16. Please email Mackenzie Fama with questions (mef231@georgetown.edu).

IPN Training Award Application Guidelines
IPN Training Award Review Criteria

IPN Training Award

As an interdisciplinary program, the IPN cannot feasibly provide individualized, thesis-relevant training to every one of its students. Not all labs may be able to support training opportunities outside of those provided at conferences. Thus students will have the opportunity to apply for career development funds via the IPN Training Award, made possible through generous contributions to the Career Development Initiative fund.

The purpose of this award is to:

  • Allow IPN students to apply for funding to attend a workshop or learn a skill at a workshop/conference that they could apply to their current and future research
  • Foster professional development that would benefit them at GU and in their careers
  • Fill a gap in currently available funding mechanisms to support graduate education/training

The Training Award would be emblematic of our graduate education in the IPN: exposure to cutting edge topics to develop new hypotheses.

We anticipate putting out the first call for applications for this award in Spring 2015.  Applications will be accepted from thesis students and will additionally require justification for travel and how the travel will be of benefit to both short and long term career plans. A faculty committee will review applications and allocate funding for travel as appropriate.

Examples of Workshops/Training of interest to students

Alumni Engagement

Our alumni are one of our most valuable resources to our students, since they provide not only career inspiration but can also give practical tips to navigate job searches based on their own experiences.

A portion of the contributions to the Career Development Initiative will be devoted to hosting informal Career Seminars where IPN alumni upon invitation will speak with current students about their career paths and lessons learned. Given the University's proximity to Capitol Hill and regulatory agencies, Career Seminars will include alumni not only currently in academia, but also those working in policy, government, nonprofits, and science administration to display the full breadth of career options to students.