Advanced Admissions

Applicants who plan to begin their graduate studies in 2017 and who would like to obtain an admissions offer a year in advance are welcome to apply for advanced admissions consideration. This process is especially suited to applicants who wish to gain full-time research experience after receiving their bachelor’s degree, or who wish to spend an additional year in a current research position.

Application materials are due by January 5, 2016.

Advanced Admission FAQ

Who is eligible to apply for advanced admissions?

Anyone who will have completed the following before the projected date of matriculation:

1. B.A. or B.S. (or equivalent) degree, and
2. At least one year of full time work experience, preferably in research


An M.S. degree.

Is there an advantage of advanced admission over regular admissions?

The advantage is only for applicants for whom the Georgetown IPN is an ideal match and who would like to get an offer of acceptance a full year ahead of matriculation. Applicants will be notified of acceptance by the end of March in the year prior to matriculation (i.e., 15 months prior to matriculation).

What type of candidate would this be best suited for?
  • A candidate who is in their senior year of undergraduate studies and who is considering spending a year gaining full-time work experience before beginning graduate studies.
  • A candidate who is in their senior year of undergraduate studies and who is considering entering a one-year M.S. program or a one-year postbac program.
  • A candidate who is completing the first year of a 2 year M.S. program
  • A candidate who is currently working full-time and intends to spend an additional year working.
What is required for the application process?

All of the same documents and test scores as required for the regular admissions process (transcripts, letters, personal statement, completed application form, GRE general test scores). The top 20% of applicants (based on GPA, GRE scores, research and work experience, publications, and contributions to outreach and diversity) will be invited for interviews which are held during February and March.

Am I obligated to accept an offer of admission?

No. There is no obligation to accept an offer of admission. If you decide to decline an offer, you are welcome to reapply for an admission cycle in a subsequent year without prejudice.

If I receive an offer, how much time do I have to consider the offer?

You have until April 15 of the year in which the offer is made. This generally will allow you at least 2 weeks to make a decision. Under special circumstances and with permission from the IPN Admissions Committee, this deadline may be extended until May 15.

If I am not selected to receive an offer of admissions, can I still apply for the following year during the regular admissions process?

Yes. In fact, we keep all of your documentation on file so that we can defer your application to the regular admissions process easily. You will be given an opportunity to update your file with new transcripts, GRE scores, letters, and other relevant documentation prior to reconsideration. Applicants often can increase their competitiveness by extending their research experience, earning authorship on abstracts or publications, taking graduate coursework, and/or retaking the GRE.