IPN GRFP Contacts

Georgetown NSF Liaison
Maria Snyder
(202) 687-5578
Car Barn 426
If you have a question about eligibility or deadlines or anything that needs a response from the NSF, send Maria a note and ask her to look into it for you.

Student Coordinators
Erika Raven

Vivianne Morrison

Erika and Vivianne were awarded GRFs in 2013 and 2014, respectively. Both are very familiar with the application process and what makes an award-winning application. Keep Erika and Vivianne in the loop if you have questions about the application process, and come to any and all hands-on workshops to get feedback on your work.

Student Support
Kelly Michaelis

Gabrielle-Ann Torre

For their stellar applications in 2015, Kelly was awarded a GRF and Gabby received honorable mention. Both are great resources for making sure your writing is clear, concise, interesting, and addresses the application requirements. Also, if you know that they would have insight into your field, have a discussion with them about what gaps in knowledge remain to be addressed and could serve as compelling NSF GRFP application topics.

Faculty Support
Your mentor!

Get on their schedule early, make use of their expertise in the field to help you define your question, formulate a testable hypothesis, and guide your experimental design (they’ve read more papers, gone to more conferences, made more mistakes, and had more breakthroughs than you- so take advantage!).

Elena Casey-Silva

Bill Rebeck

Ludise Malkova

Barry Wolfe

Need to get a better sense of what the NSF wants in their awardees? Ask Elena and Bill for their perspective! Wondering if your experiments really get at the question you want to ask or if your aims are sufficiently independent? Ask Ludise and Barry to look over your outline and give you some feedback!